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Why we are in Iraq, or follow the money.

I’ve been wondering for some time now why I’m not hearing about who’s MAKING MONEY in Iraq right now. As they say, “Follow the money.”, you do that, and you’ll get some answers. When we’re spending something like 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq, someone’s getting paid, big time. A myriad of jobs once handled by the infrastructure of the Armed Services have been “no-bid” contracted out to huge corporations (for profit) to handle, the assumption is that they will function more “cost-effectively” because of the pressure to perform in a “free” market blah blah woof woof….but is that what’s happening?

We’ve hired private armies (Blackwater et al) to provide security for many of our operations (I guess our boys aren’t good enough eh?). We have all kinds of corporations contracted to do all kinds of rebuilding and transportation and troop services etc etc….when we’re spending this kind of money, why think that Bush’s only friends are oil companies?

Think BIG, he and Cheney sure are.

The longer they can make this war run on, at the tune of 10 billion + per month that’s a lot of Bush-buddies helping themselves to YOUR hard-earned cash, and your kids and grandkids’ future country.

It just doesn’t make ANY sense otherwise….no matter how much pounding on the wall with your head you do, and I’ve been doing it reflexively every time I look at CNN or any other “news” outlet…though sometimes the Mouth-Breathers on FOX leave me in drooling shock with their bizarre performances….

Can it be just that simple? Just that horrifying? And that criminal and callous?

I’m not sure, but you are talking about one guy who pretends to be about as intelligent as your average trailer park rec center manager but he’s the President, and another guy who shoots his friends in the face…I’m ready for anything at this point….

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