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A mix of catalysts…

And here we go again, as tho we just never learn a thing from history, even when it’s recent.

It’s going to be bad everywhere, in the end this mixed with the immigrant thing is going to turn bad like the Bush administration mixed with 9/11 did, fear will replace hope, fists will replace open arms, cold streets will replace warm beds, violence, despair, freezing children, racism, maybe even rioting racism, governmental crackdowns of all kinds. 

It’s terrible, and predictable, and in many ways EXACTLY what many governments wanted.

I don’t believe for a second with all the monitoring that is done that SOMEONE didn’t know this was coming. Further, I believe they allowed it to happen so they can clamp down, extend control thru fear, institute MORE governmental powers and abilities to wrest even MORE power away from the people and into the hands of a few.

Just like 9/11, this will be a bellwether of the impending death of freedom, not because of terrorists, but because of the greed of power.

And the role of religion….when are we going to get this?

And of course, the associations with the immigrant exodus have already started, no accident, even if it seems reasonable. – THIS.

Fear wins again.

And of course, this thing itself is terrible, an unbelievable thing to contemplate, but to be caught IN IT?

A walking talking breathing nightmare…

As the PEOPLE of this little planet, we’ve really got our hands full.

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Rapist Cop gets Wrist Slap

This is kinda unbelievable that he got away with this wrist slap. I’ve sent a note to the reporter asking for some info, I’ll fill that in later, but yeh…courtroom full of supporters….?

Who stands up for this kind of thing, and why? Just because he’s a cop?!?!?!

We’re getting so twisted as a country it boggles the mind.


WAY fucking worse!!!!
Here’s an example of why…

I literally 3 days ago told my own daughter that although I personally don’t trust police and would NOT go near them in public settings, if she, as a CHILD, needs help when I or another relative isn’t around, go to a cop; because at least when you’re a kid they will still serve and protect.

Yeh, I’m not really feeling that advice right now.



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The Answer to GUN DORKS

This is the exactly correct response to these fucking gun dorks….GET UP AND LEAVE.

Gun Dorks

Gun Dorks

Fuck ’em, I know nothing about whether or not they are qualified to safely even HOLD a gun, much less wander around in public like Star Wars Dorks in costume, except they’re holding a REAL fucking light saber….fuck these stupid dorks walking around proving….something…. it’s NOT on me to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Fuck YOU gun dork, the benefit of the doubt is on you, because statistically you are SOOOO unlikely to be in a situation where you’re going to need to use deadly force to protect yourself or those around you, YOU use the benefit of the doubt to inform YOUR choices and leave the fucking thing at home in the bathroom where you jack off with it when your Mom’s not home!

When you walk in with your penis extender I don’t know whether or not you’re a fucking loon….well wait, yeh I DO know you’re a fucking loon, I just don’t know what KIND of LOON, and it’s NOT ON ME TO FIGURE IT OUT, IT’S ON ME TO GET ME AND MINE THE FUCK OUT OF THERE….and not deal with you in any way.

If you’re doing this shit, you’re NOT qualified to be carrying a gun around in public, because you’re too immature emotionally and too stupid intellectually to be trusted with the responsibility of the lives of me and mine with your shitty gun-safety etiquette.

I believe in and will fight for your right to own and use guns in reasonable ways and in the context of your own life, but don’t bring your horseshit into my life, if you need to do this shit you’re not ready to bear arms publicly, and far from ready to bear the responsibility of the lives of me and mine.

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Corruption and Complacency

Sen. Diane Warren

Sen. Diane Warren

The blatant lying and hiding from the truth, all the while playing some semantics-based word game that distorts the very meanings of the words being used to excuse the machinations is beyond disgusting (Hatch is absolutely grotesque in his abuse of common sense here), yet we have a media pushing this blather down the throats of the American public like squeegee-weilding cleaners pushing shit and swill out of a pigsty and into the apparent gutter of the overall American “Mind”.
Forcing something so overreaching and powerful down the throats of not only the American people, but essentially any and ALL people in the associated nations, if not the entire Western trade system, is an illegality on it’s face, and should not being tolerated by ANY public ANYWHERE.
The obvious implications of not allowing anyone to even SEE it, much less have a public debate on it, should have ALL peoples affected out in the streets calling for politician’s heads. Which is the reasonable response to such abuse of a country’s people for the self-gain of a very few.
The profound corruption of our leaders and our processes is obvious and predictable, our lack of caring and our acceptance of our own inevitable fate if this succeeds is NOT so understandable.

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America’s biggest Gang at work.

Once again, nut-job cops trying to kill someone.


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