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Currently I’m touring with Kenny Loggins on bass and vocals, and I must say that it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a “big stage” gig in my life! Kenny is great to work for/with, the band is killer, the music is obviously great, everything about it is the best fit I’ve encountered in doing this type of work, and it’s a blast!
Sadly the last show will be on November 4th at the Santa Barbara bowl, but until then I’m enjoying the hell out of it!

Aside from that….I’ve been working on some new music! As of right now my focus is more on songs and less on full CD’s, and making this more about having fun than maybe it has been for awhile, which of course is how it should be.

I’m also doing more sessions for people through the Internet with vocals, bass, and guitar being the main focus, it’s a pretty effective way to do things for many people, especially those who aren’t in a major city where there’s a big group of musicians to get in touch with, they can whip out a file to me and get it back fast, it works well.

I’m also producing more outside projects, after having produced my own CD’s and a coupla of outside projects, I know a LOT about making CD’s as good as a major label’s but for a fraction of the cost. I have many friends who are world class players and all the equipment needed to get the job done right….so again, if you need help along those lines, lemme know!

Truly I’m just trying to get back to the FUN part of music……that’s why I started, and that’s why I’m still here….


-THE “STANDARD” BAND BIO  – (I know, but sometimes it’s useful…)
STILL is the power-pop/rock-pop creative focus of Alaskan-born Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Wade Biery. Guitar-based pop similar to “XTC” or “Del Amitri” meshed with rock energy with a touch of country-pop added to the mix, the music is engaging from the first listen, and refreshing in it’s originality and depth.

STILL’s last CD, “I don’t mind” generated considerable interest and anticipation in listeners familiar with STILL. Wade’s solo acoustic shows and full band STILL shows have toured the West coast and Southwest of the US extensively, as well as dates in Europe.

STILL began with the release of the debut CD “The Distance”. Wade Biery wrote and produced “The Distance”, playing most of the instruments on the CD and performing all the vocals. After the release of “The Distance”, Wade returned to the studio to record the new CD “I don’t mind”, taking on the same duties as he did with the making of “The Distance”. Top Los Angeles-based studio and touring musicians contributed their skills as well, bringing an extra depth to the songs.

In the past Wade has had the good fortune to perform with many excellent performers in the music business ranging from Kenny Loggins to Glenn Frey to Joe Walsh to Carlene Carter, Leanne Rimes, Joe Cocker, Roger Daltrey, The Turtles, Don Felder, Latin-Rock superstar Miguel Mateos, Christopher Cross, and many more, traveling the globe in the process.


don pelon

Remember doin the ice house pasadena w/ Pelon ?


That sounds vaguely familiar, VERY long ago?


You have not aged a bit.


Hi Wade-Larry from Juneau. 40th this year so what’s the chance of a live show with all your friends? Seriously.

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