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[…] have a cool little gadget on this page that when I turn on the app on my iPhone, my live position is mapped in real-time, and pretty […]

DD Ess

Hey Wade…just a note to say was sorting through my vast music collection recently merged onto a newly minted home NAS and among all the albums I scrolled through (including AJA btw) I picked The Distance to listen to right now. It’s been a long time since but let me tell ya, that album hasn’t lost any polish over these years. Wonderful to revisit it and just thought I’d send this along to remind you just how great it is imnsho. All good things to you!

Wade Biery

DDS….I rember that tag I think….long time!

Thank you do much for the kind words….I’m so glad it holds up for you…I was at a party last night and someone put my stuff on there and I hadn’t heard them for a bit, I kinda agree with you, they hold up pretty well!

Good to hear from you…!

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