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Why Aren’t YOU Angrier?

I don’t understand it.

Watch this, please!

We now know WHAT they did, HOW they did it, and of course WHY……and yet people are still arguing about the most illegitimate issues, while people CONTINUE to pay for what has to be considered one of the most heinous non-violent (though not victimless by any measure) criminal acts in recorded history.

How can YOU not be furious?

Do YOU not agree about the facts? Do YOU think that what happened is some accident? Are YOU so afraid that your precious ideas of “free markets”, (no such thing, only protection of monopolistic markets by government), will be refuted (when even Greenspan himself has admitted that he was wrong), and that there will HAVE to be regulation in order for these things to function correctly, and that will mean you were WRONG!?!?

Is that why you’re not MADDENED by what is going on?

Is it just a right -wing idea that ANY government involvement in ANYTHING is somehow “BAD”?

What the hell?

Again, we’re seeing the effects, we’re all feeling them as well and MANY people’s lives are being absolutely destroyed, (in many cases even lost) by these scum, and yet still we don’t have even the most basic official responses to this thing that even a child would suggest. And no one is SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER ABOUT THIS!!

AND…..the same people that engineered this fiasco, profited from it, and made sure that the one person who COULD have done something about it was hamstrung, those same people are STILL in power, and in some cases are even more powerful, richer and closer to the decision making center than they were BEFORE?!?!??

And you think that Obama is your friend?

It’s completely insane.

Watch this, please!
Really WATCH it, and research it if you don’t believe the information reported. You will see how the people that tried to stop this thing were stifled and pushed out of the process, which led to what we have now.

You will see the same players being rewarded, and the same players continuing to run the GAME?!?!?!?

It’s insanity, how can YOU continue to sit still for it?

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