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Different Size Gods ALBUM on it’s WAY!!

You may or may not know that I’m in another band besides STILL, which is called Different Size Gods. We are literally having our album mastered as I type this, and we expect to have stuff to hear up by the end of today or maybe tomorrow at the latest!

So if you want to get it on a deal that will only be available to people on our mailing list, go to our website at Facebook, go to the “My Band” tab, about halfway down enter your email, and wait for the deal, it will be in a day or two. (Don’t worry, the mailing list is NOT housed at Facebook if you’re not an FB fan, and we will NOT bug the crap outta you.)

I have to say, this band is REALLY good, and this record is also REALLY good, and while it’s not like STILL at all, I consider to be one of the best things I’ve worked on, and I can’t wait for you to hear it, I think you’ll agree……best thing is, it’s one of those things that you like MORE as you hear it more, instead of getting bored because you heard all there is to hear the first time around……this stuff is deep and there’s a LOT of very subtle touches that you will hear as you go deeper in…..I’m very proud of it, in fact I’M a fan of DSG!


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“My Ecstasy” makes it into a BIG CONTEST!!

My song “My Ecstasy” has been accepted into the contest below, and I could sure use your help.

“ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for more than 500,000 artists, labels, managers, and venues, has announced the launch of a new music discovery program called Playlist 7 sponsored by Microsoft Windows.

Congratulations on inclusion in next week’s Song Pool! Your song will go live on the Playlist 7 site on Monday 1/18/10 at 11:00 am EST.”

These things tend to turn into popularity contests, with basically whoever can get the most downloads moving farther along……so acts tend to really get into this, and now ME TOO!

So what exactly do I need from you?

On or after (for 1 week) Monday 1/18/10 at 11:00 am EST/8 am PST, go to, sign up and download “My Ecstasy” by “STILL”.

That’s it!

You will be helping massively, because each download counts as a vote. Some of the songs that have moved into the next round didn’t need many votes to move up, so every one counts! The sign-in is really easy in this contest, if you have a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter account you can do it with that without another step…..if not, maybe this is a good time to get into whichever of those you’ve been thinking about….?

If you would like to go the extra mile (awesome of you!), please go to my ReverbNation page at (it actually IS a pretty great music site, even for the artists…), sign up as a fan, and add yourself to my “Street Team”, where I have a “mission” about the contest, with goods for the team if we can move on to the next round. In the mission there will be ways to get the word out, banners, and other things you can easily do that will help tremendously.

So yeh, reading the rules it looks like I’ve made $57 just to get this far (WOWWWWA…. Vienna’s going to YALE now dude), and that’s cool, but I would make much more ($507) if I can move it to the next round (enough to pay for the Pro Fools junk I just bought) but it’s really not about that….as you can guess it’s all about the EXPOSURE, and this thing will be getting a lot of that from Microsoft. THAT could help things along for me a great deal, and THAT’S why I’m bugging you with hat in hand, hopeful you can take a minute and help.

Here’s more blurb about the contest –

“The program will showcase emerging artists from the rock, pop, alternative, hip-hop, latin, jazz, and electronica/dance genres. Music fans from around the world will choose 7 artists each week to appear in ‘Playlist 7’ and receive additional promotion and cash compensation. The first fifty songs are already available:

“The artists get exposure and cash compensation every step of the way. Everybody wins with Playlist 7.”

“The fans get free music from up and coming artists every week, plus they get to decide which Artists make it to the top of Playlist 7,” said Lou Plaia, vice president of Artist Relations at ReverbNation. “The artists get exposure and cash compensation every step of the way. Everybody wins with Playlist 7.”

How it works:

During each week of the program, 50 songs from emerging Artists will be made available for free download at Music fans will be able to download 7 free songs of their choice from the pool of fifty. Each download will act as a ‘vote’ for the Artist. The 7 Artists who receive the most downloads during each week will receive an additional cash prize and will have their song featured and promoted the following week inside of ‘Playlist 7’.

“Windows’ generous sponsorship of this program means that more emerging Artists will be heard as well as compensated for their art,” said Jed Carlson, co-founder and chief operating officer of “It’s a great way to bring bands and brands together for mutual benefit.”

OK there it is, please help out if you can, I truly appreciate it!!


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