"I don’t mind" – 2001

STILL’s current release

$12.00 shipping & tax included, or $8.91 from iTunes

I Don't Mind




Track listing with iTunes link – .99 cents per song:

  1. Goodbye

  2. My Ecstasy

  3. All
    Around Me

  4. Another

  5. The Lady’s

  6. The Innocence

  7. It’s
    Not Enough

  8. I don’t mind

  9. sheep Run

STILL Direct

Distance" – 1998

STILL’s debut release

(We now have this CD back in stock again!!)

$10.00 shipping & tax included, or $9.99 from iTunes

The Distance

Track listing:

  1. Live
    in Grey

  2. Circles

  3. Blessed

  4. Draw the Line

  5. Cry

  6. Not that Strong

  7. The Wild Twilite

  8. The Distance

  9. Lost

  10. Rainbows

  11. Number 11


STILL Direct


The Fabulous and Excellent TEE-shirt!

Tee_shirt front

Click Pic for Big look!

$12.00 shipping & tax included


Supplies are limited on these….

STILL Direct


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