Obama is NOT a liberal and never has been

I’ve been saying all along that Obama’s no liberal, and that he’s decidedly not gonna take this country in a giant lurch to the left (as much as I also always hoped he WAS a closet lefty who would do something great), and here’s a great article about that very idea.

Yeh he’s WAYYYYY better than McPalin, and like another planet from Bush, but don’t think things are suddenly gonna get all rosy and soopoer-dooper just because, it’s not like that. Still, it’s pretty great anyway…….

…….Liberals took cultural signifiers as a sign of solidarity and didn’t ask for anything. So, we have the great symbolic victory of the first black president (and that’s not nothing, by the way) who is also a bipartisan, centrist technocrat. Surprise.

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