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New song I’m working on

Here’s the original version of a song I’m working on now….”I Never Meant to Make You Cry” by Peter Klimes. This is Peter doing it so well I wonder why I would, but he sings it an octave lower than me so I’ll use that as an excuse……

Peter played the “ghosty” guitars on “Blessed” off of my first CD, and he’ll be playing on this version of his song as well…Thanx Peter!!


Billy Hume

Amazing song!

Bob Clifford

Wow… what a great song, and with that voice from the bottom-of-the-well, it’s a beautiful and haunting piece. (It sounds like it could have been Josh Turner’s followup to “Long Black Train”.) Too bad music this good can’t get to the point where the masses can hear it easily.

It should be on the radio, on tv, in a great movie. It could be done in any style, by many singers. (You should be so lucky to have some diva (country or pop) schmaltz it all the way to your bank account.) I hope your publisher is hawking this everywhere in Hollywood.

Good luck on writing many more. Amazing how beautifully simple it can all be when someone cuts away everything but the heart and soul.

PS: Nice C6 (dropped to B) open tuning. It takes self discipline and good instincts to know to leave well enough alone.


I’m passing all these on to Peter (writer – in video) as he is extremely Internet challenged, but believe me he will stunned and humbled, he’s very old school and down to earth….the real deal…

Wade Biery

A very late note…..Peter passed awhile back, I was literally supposed to see him the day he died, but I had family issues come up and couldn’t make it out there….I talked to hiim a few days before and that was why I was heading out, he didn’t sound good, and he didn’t sound hopeful.

He was a friend and supporter till the end, his sturdiness of character and his love of his friends and the world of music was clear and raw, kinda like him…..I miss him more and more, a rare person.

This song he wrote is one of my favorite songs, and his version of it should have been heard more than it was, it could have been in any of those “Brother Where Art Thou” movies or any number of these current TV shows with that type of music tendency…and it would have changed his life in an instant, but that’s the way this “business” works, it’s not a meritocracy.

I did end up finishing my version ( , I still like his better…..

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