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Cops shoot Milton Hall

Cops….killing…like children would.

No understanding, no pretense of safety, no humanity…..just gunning someone down in the street.

Watch as they pull the dog back, and begin to form  line, so there is no crossfire.

They knew without a word between them what they were going to do.

No trigger should have been pulled here, there was no attack from him, just a crazy guy yelling in the street with a knife.

Cause for arrest and detention and evaluation and likely forced treatment and possible segregation from the public…? Clearly! All good….but to just decide to shoot him like that?

They got away with this.

Don’t you think there’s was about 50 different ways to do this with this many guys there? Shit, just taser/tear gas/mace/pepper spray/rubber bullet/shotgun bean bag/throw a big fucking net over him/just wait his poor fucked up mentally broken ass out….?

No, they gotta be all-growed-up schoolyard bullies and shoot his ass, a lot, like a rabid dog.

Here’s some background on it.

Is this the country we want? This shit is happening every day, more and more, and it’s more and more callous and deadly.

If you’re white, you very likely don’t fully get this… ask your black friend(s), cause they very likely DO get it, cause most likely, they don’t live in the same country you do, and never have. Which is amazing, but if you’ve never asked them about it, maybe you never knew….but THEY know it.

That’s not America.

Yes there’s some good cops out there, but until they stop their fellows cops that AREN’T good cops, that are THIS type, then the good ones…aren’t.

Cop attacks woman on her own porch

I keep saying it, but it’s gonna keep getting worse.

If we create a situation where cops are not properly screened and trained, where we allow this kind of violence to go unpunished, where we stand to the side when it’s applied to others and not to ourselves, where we allow a military (warfare) culture to infest our local police forces, we will create a situation that is by it’s very nature adversarial, and the cops will continue viewing segments of the population as the enemy and act accordingly, within the culture of *WARFARE*, NOT of policing local communities.

War is very different from police work, yet the militarization of our local police forces has blurred that line till there is almost no visible distinction detectable between them to the outside observer. Certainly the behavior of the police is reminiscent of an occupying force, not a local police department focused on applying the law to create peace and safety in a community.

These examples grow daily, and for a large group of people in many parts of our country are an obvious and de facto truth of their daily lives.

Here’s my question: if left unchecked, do you think this will continue to grow and spread, and if so, why do you think it won’t eventually make it’s way to you?

Because you’re white? Because you’re educated? Because you’re rich?

Only the last one might help you, but you better be REALLY rich, otherwise the history of these kind of progressions in societies is NOT on your side. And unless you’re REALLY rich, you’ve probably noticed your money is being siphoned away, and no matter what you do, it seems like you can’t get back to where you once were in life….

Tho if we let this continue , it seems kinda obvious where you will GO….

Read this for more info!

The Internet's Own Boy

The Internet’s Own Boy

If you think it ‘s likely that government exists to enforce, codify, enable, enhance, further advance and codify the very rich’s power over our society and to criminalize, prosecute, attack with every means available, and bury completely anyone and/or any system that challenges their right to take whatever they deem is their’s from society at large and individuals who challenge them in specific, then this is something you MUST watch.

It exemplifies that absurd artifice that we live with each and every day as we struggle to “play by the rules” to move ourselves forward in life, while those with power and money steal EVERYTHING from us and talk about the “American Dream” mercilessly crush every effort to return to legality and an open level field for all.

It’s sickening how pervasive this is, and in this microcosm that tells the story in one person’s case we can see the blatant and horrific wrongness in our system, and how controlled and corrupt it truly is.

You’ll never hear about this movie, but you will be riveted by it, and  you NEED to see it.

They WILL take it all, if you let them.

Your surrender will be your legacy.

American Jewish kid gets Israeli cop beatdown

Jewish Nazi an oxymoron? Not really….

If you’re going to behave like this, you should lose not only your victim status, but also your American stipend, this kinda crap in tandem with their crushing an entire people cannot be tolerated by adults, much less the world.

State sponsored cop scum, and hypocrisy of the WORST sort.

Notice the armed soldiers trying to block the camera….this kinda shit infuriates me.




"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both" Louis Brandes, Supreme Court Justice 1916-1939

Legalize Democracy

Legalize Democracy. In America we have to say that….out loud….with our words and mouths even…unreal, but true.

“We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both” Louis Brandes, Supreme Court Justice 1916-1939