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Political Rants, I’m kinda into it….

Hey look, a gang! Errrr…Cops!

Completely criminal scumbags, trying to frame an innocent man. Ok, technically a kid, but who cares right? Except his parents, and since they’re a minority, they’re not really humans to be cared about or listened to, right?

The Very Rich OWN us.

Corporation AND government are expressions/extensions of the will of the very rich.

In this country as in most, the goal is to transfer public wealth into private hands, wealth at that level and amount really only being power, as money is a fictional concept anyway.

THAT is the truth….people can argue about politics all they want, Dem/Repub etc, but it’s all a fool’s game if you focus on that dance.

Free markets without regulation will ALWAYS produce a kind of cannibalism, no matter how many Rand-ian fantasies fill high school student’s minds and never leave.

BTW, what’s going on in our country right NOW could not possibly be a better example of exactly that.

The Koch’s will tell you that they are just practicing their own form of Economic Darwinism, and that they are only doing what the system allows them to do…..which is true, but they will never admit the machinations and expense they go to in order to make SURE that the system “allows” them to practice their form of “libertarianism”.

You will see many arguing FOR this kind of thing, as tho it’s somehow just and as though they themselves will have a shot at it, or a part of it.

It’s NOT a meritocracy, they were BORN into a position that allowed this warped Destruction Fetus to grow into what it has become.

You would not be able to do it, and you will not share in the fruits of this system, but think so if you like, they are happy to have your help…just don’t expect a check for your efforts.

None of this shit we’re in is accidental.
Nor is it justifiable under any system, except one that only measures the human experience in terms of money.

But the best measures of the human experience are always fictions, aren’t they?

A past Supreme Court, and terrorists’ choices.

“Inviolability of privacy in group association may in many circumstances be indispensable to preservation of freedom of association, particularly where a group espouses dissident beliefs.”

There you go, simple and clear and obvious. Nose on your face clarity from a bygone Supreme Court that would likely never get appointed in this modern age of the Rich owning Government.

When we have an event like Charlie Hebdo, the immediate Government response (from their Very Rich Masters) is to have more surveillance and police powers, of precisely the type that didn’t stop the attack in the first place and never will, because it’s not there to stop terrorism, it’s there to stop the PUBLIC, who are the real threat to the Rich’s power and control.

An intelligent person wonders about the potential for corrosive collusion between “enemies” who have goals that are in common in some areas, and the ignorance of a Public that has been led astray…..has it never crossed anyone’s minds why it is that there are no terrorists attacks against the people that even or ESPECIALLY terrorists know are behind the choices to meddle in their world?

Just saying….

Instead they go and shoot a buncha cartoon artists, knowing full well that it won’t change a whit of what drives the choices of the West, but instead will only further animate the Public to allow infringement of their OWN rights, on an ever more massive scale?

C’mon, does that make sense? From people allegedly sophisticated enough to fly beneath the radar of the most pervasive global surveillance system the world has ever known…?

It’s all bullshit.

Warren is great! But the “HOW” REALLY matters!!


How is it that NO ONE seems to be able to pinpoint HOW this got into the spending bill, yet it’s consequences are enormous..!?!?!?!

Is the system for tracking developmental and incremental changes and access to the final draft so convoluted and arcane that truly it’s not trackable? If so, are we SURE it’s not Russian spies…??!?!

C’MON, this is ludicrous!!!


I think this conversation needs to have this part, where there is light being shed on the fact that the provision was added and what it means, BUT, there needs to be a through explanation of HOW it was inserted without debate and/or opposition, and the people who put it in need to be exposed, and all of their ties to ANY kind of beneficiaries of it need to be described in clear detail.

Yes this speech is important, but why aren’t we hearing about HOW THIS WAS DONE?!?!?!