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I just watched the Christchurch Terrorist’s video….

I’ve just seen the Christchurch terrorist’s video.
First of all, let’s be sure we understand what he himself says he is up to and call it what it is, terrorism.
He’s a terrorist, and should always be called that.
As well as a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, etc etc, he’s every kind of evil scum that humanity produces rolled into one shit ball.
Let’s also talk about something that I think needs to be understood, and that is that there is a CLEAR difference between semi autos, and assault weapons, tho they are often the same weapon, they have different meanings and VERY different results.
I have written a thing about what I think about the Gun Issue (http://www.stillmusic.com/?p=1706), and watching this video confirms it again to me, and that boils to we need WAY more regulation/training/education/limits on any weapon that is designed as an assault weapon/rifle, because these calibers and designs of weapons are VERY CLEARLY not the same animal as what is used for recreational shooting. They are exponentially more destructive than regular cartridges/loads, and are MEANT TO BE.
Another thing that occurs to me, and that is that of the many many supporters of unregulated gun ownership out there, how many of them understand what happens, in reality, when shit stains like this actually DO what they DO?
What’s kind of shocking in this video and others like it is how weirdly NORMAL everything seems, cars going by, it’s kinda post-rainy, the sounds of a street and people around, how those sounds mostly continue even after the shooting starts…but what doesn’t fit is what it must have been like for that sound to happen at the front door, and then he appears in the room shooting. Very deliberately, aiming, reloading, going around making sure people are dead, coming back in several times to be sure, making “kill shots” to take away any chance of survival, going outside, coming back in……traffic still going by, people still in the street, (tho that clears up by the time he leaves and heads to the next place)….it’s utterly mundane out in the world, and in that mosque it’s a horrific outlandish nightmare of massacre and bodies.
I don’t think even the shooter really gets what it is he’s doing, he’s not attached to it…..like it’s a video game or something, something without humanity or suffering, just pull a trigger and people fall down and your score goes up, *WINNING*, so to speak.
I don’t think gun ownership/NRA types really get what these scenes are about, probably don’t even want to know, because then it becomes real, not some philosophical or theoretical discussion about rights and Constitution and Founding Fathers motives etc., it’s really simple what’s happening here, and it’s fucking Demonic and Hellish and pure RAW EVIL.
I think people NEED to see this.
If you’re an NRA type you need to know what your actions enable, and if you’re against assault weapon ownership you need to remember why you fight against this class of weapons, really get animated about it.
This is fiercely convincing.
For more of my thoughts about what should be done about gun ownership please read what I’ve linked to, I’m not trying to write that over again….I’m kinda more saying that people NEED to understand what these scenes and actions actually ARE, and how much they need to be stopped, and that the best way to do that is the same way the American Public got so animated about the Vietnam War that it was finally stopped (which BTW is why you NEVER see War on TV anymore, the people who make money from it can’t have that kind of pushback against their cash cow profit stream of War, so they got rid of it) which is they need to SEE IT. In that same way as the Vietnam War, people need to go against this kind of thing, and believe me, if everyone saw this, there would be MUCH more energy and agreement about stopping this kind of event. Much much more.
As for this guy…..well….he’s provided all the evidence we need for conviction, he def wasn’t trying to avoid it. For him and those like him, we need a new type and intensity of punishment, a kind that would deter like no other, a level of torture and long lasting agony that goes on for years, keeping them alive, letting them rest and regain their health and stability, then going in for more, for years and years….no suicide, no death, no pain pills, only keeping them alive, cycles of torture that never stops till they die of old age.
I’m good with that.
Yes I’m energized about this, I just watched this thing…but I think my response is the correct one, utter shock/outrage/horror/fear/repulsion/resolve….we NEED that energy to stop this shit, and that energy comes from understanding the actual REALITY of these events, because they cannot be allowed, and I think at this point we’ve come to the conclusion in this country that we’re going to allow them, and I think that’s unconscionable and core evil.
For the profits of some already rich assholes, or the delusional revolutionary fantasies of some half or fully crazy incel Internet Masturbaters, we’re gonna allow this to continue?
That video can be found, and you should see it. It will shake you up, it will revolt you, but it will also force you to have an opinion on this, and you will participate, guaranteed, and we need your participation.

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The Answer to GUN DORKS

This is the exactly correct response to these fucking gun dorks….GET UP AND LEAVE.

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Gun Thoughts….

I’ve been writing a lot around the web about what I feel about Gun Control and why I think it’s not the answer to the problem of mass shootings, but I’ve never really said what I think SHOULD be done with gun regulation, and since I’ve been saying I would and I’m on a flight to NYC, here we go….

First of all, I want to reiterate that I don’t believe ANY kind of GUN control will change the situation we have in America regarding large violent public attacks, be they with a gun or any other type of carnage. We have a culture of solving problems with violence in this country that extends from the very highest offices in the land, (both public and private), to every street in every city, and as long as we as a country continue to believe in the idea that you can solve problems with violence, we will continue to have violence. Guns are one way this easy “trigger-fixing” of problems is done, and an admittedly efficient one, but they aren’t THE problem.

The reason I argue so hard for not focusing on the gun part of the problem is simple, I believe it to be a distraction from the real problem. The real problem is our culture of violent problem-solving, and the gun-control distraction is not only counter-productive in terms of actual progress, but it is a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem that will waste YEARS in the social experiment of finding out that we won’t “fix” the problem by regulating guns, and many innocents will continue to die as a result.

Having said that, there ARE some things that I feel should be done in terms of regulation……and the NRA folks ain’t gonna like this very much…..

*Most importantly – REGULATE THE USERS, NOT THE GUNS!!

If you want to own a gun, fine. But you’re going to have to learn how to use it, and you’re going to have to prove that you can do so safely and responsibly. That means you’re going to have to have a license, and take a written as well as in-the-field test to prove that you understand the mechanics and safe use of the gun to get it. I’m not sure that means that you need to be a competent shot, (I think there are many people that will NEVER be able to shoot anything but their own feet with any degree of accuracy, and they should still be able to have one and do that if they want), but it DOES mean that you should be able to demonstrate functional familiarity with the workings of your gun and that you understand how to handle it safely and responsibly. (Which would likely cure the feet-shooting problem as well.)

Guns and ammo would be at least as easy as it is now to get, but you would have to show that license to even begin buying a gun, and you would have to be cleared on the particular weapon that you are buying before you can take it home. Obviously that would mean some kind of training/test before you go to buy it, and yes that would introduce a lot of extra work, but it would also get rid of the impulse/rage buying of guns that leads to bad choices about resolving your problems, and would stop a LOT of these events.

This scenario would also be less about tracking the actual guns. Instead it would shift to the owner’s competency to own a gun, and be much less about the gun’s serial number and anyone knowing who owns the gun and where it is. I DO have a problem with the government having a list of where all the guns in the population are, and I feel strongly that such a list is completely against the point of the 2nd amendment, which I believe to mean that the people have the right and even responsibility to defend themselves against a government that goes bad on them…historically the people rising up is one of the few consistent ways that governments gone bad are kept in check. (I’m going to sidestep for now the obvious issue with the current technologies and our government’s clear hunger to use that technology to control the population in ways that have never been seen before in human history, that’s outside the scope of what I’m dealing with here today, however relevant.)

*Households with children under at least 16 (and maybe 18 is fine) would have to show that there is a functional gun safe/locker on the premises, and households with ANY member of the household having a history of mental illness would have to show that not only is there a gun locker that is not available to that member of the household, but also that biometric measures are used to ensure that person is not able to make the guns in the home function (an Apple Touch ID type-system could work very well here).

*Persons convicted of ANY type of violent felony would NOT be allowed to own guns.
Period. Demonstrably violent people don’t get to own guns. (Sorry, learn to use your mouth/brain instead. Asshole.)

*As far as which TYPE of guns should be regulated, this is a trickier subject that gets in to some pretty grey areas, but I agree that people don’t need full-auto weapons in everyday life, and I come down on the side of not allowing private citizens to have them. I recognize that this position is somewhat at odds with the idea of defending yourself against a violent government, but I think that problem is overcome by sheer numbers, tho I agree this is something that ultimately comes down to my opinion, and is pretty tough to quantify.

*I’m on the fence about sniper-type weapons, which I’m going to qualify as being guns that are typically used by military snipers, a good example being the .50 caliber rifles that are capable of being accurate over huge distances. I have a hard time with this because I very much understand why this type of shooting is so much fun and attractive as a hobby. The kind of concentration, practice, and the development of skills, equipment, and technique that is involved in becoming proficient with this kind of shooting is very much akin to something like golf, meditation, yoga, or martial arts. All of these disciplines/hobbies require a clearing of the mental “table” and an almost zen-like clarity of mind that is difficult to achieve, but necessary to effectively pursue the activity, and that very much applies to this type of shooting as well. It can be extremely relaxing and meditative, which I know is hard to understand if you haven’t done it, nevertheless it’s true.
That being said there’s some very serious things to consider with this kind of weapon, they are capable of tremendous mayhem and in competent (but crazy) hands are capable of creating truly horrific situations like we had with the DC snipers, and that really does need to be considered.
I guess I could be ok with a solution that involves limiting access to those kind of extreme sniper weapons except to competitive shooters. In fact that could be a way to qualify it; if you can work your way up through the ranks of competitive shooting to the point where you reach that level of proficiency and can prove it, at that point you would be allowed to buy one.

*No one needs any kind of mounted or turreted type of high caliber machine gun, nor do they need tanks or grenades or rocket launchers or ANY of that kind of foolishness, and if there comes a time that the population DOES need them to protect themselves from the government, then I guess there’s gonna have to be some raids on the National Guard armories, because stockpiling those kind of weapons for THAT rainy day is going to cause way more havoc and problems than it will ever solve.

I think this level and type of regulation would solve a great deal of the practical problems surrounding guns and their use in our country, and introduce reasonable barriers to people who really shouldn’t have guns, much as we do the same to who should and shouldn’t be allowed to drive, or operate critical types of machinery etc without the appropriate training and screening.

So you see that my way of regulating would actually be MUCH more stringent than what is currently in place. I hope this reinforces the point that I don’t have a problem with dealing with the issue of violence in our society, I just have a huge problem with attributing that violence to guns.

The phrase “Gun Violence” itself drives me up a wall, there’s NO SUCH THING AS GUN VIOLENCE, however there IS violence with a gun. And I don’t care about arguments that use the premise of how much damage a given tool can do or what it’s designed for, there is NO tool anywhere that ever chose how it was used, that choice and how it gets made is what we need to be looking at.

Dealing with the how and why a weapon gets used in the ways that we have in our society is the only way we will stop these events in our country, and I really don’t want to legislate guns more only to find it didn’t change a thing except to make a few people feel like they did SOMETHING, when in fact they accomplished nothing but wasting time and lives going after the wrong thing.

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