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Corruption and Complacency

The blatant lying and hiding from the truth, all the while playing some semantics-based word game that distorts the very meanings of the words being used to excuse the machinations is beyond disgusting (Hatch is absolutely grotesque in his abuse of common sense here), yet we have a media pushing this blather down the throats of the American public like squeegee-weilding cleaners pushing shit and swill out of a pigsty and into the apparent gutter of the overall American “Mind”.
Forcing something so overreaching and powerful down the throats of not only the American people, but essentially any and ALL people in the associated nations, if not the entire Western trade system, is an illegality on it’s face, and should not being tolerated by ANY public ANYWHERE.
The obvious implications of not allowing anyone to even SEE it, much less have a public debate on it, should have ALL peoples affected out in the streets calling for politician’s heads. Which is the reasonable response to such abuse of a country’s people for the self-gain of a very few.
The profound corruption of our leaders and our processes is obvious and predictable, our lack of caring and our acceptance of our own inevitable fate if this succeeds is NOT so understandable.

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Warren is great! But the “HOW” REALLY matters!!


How is it that NO ONE seems to be able to pinpoint HOW this got into the spending bill, yet it’s consequences are enormous..!?!?!?!

Is the system for tracking developmental and incremental changes and access to the final draft so convoluted and arcane that truly it’s not trackable? If so, are we SURE it’s not Russian spies…??!?!

C’MON, this is ludicrous!!!


I think this conversation needs to have this part, where there is light being shed on the fact that the provision was added and what it means, BUT, there needs to be a through explanation of HOW it was inserted without debate and/or opposition, and the people who put it in need to be exposed, and all of their ties to ANY kind of beneficiaries of it need to be described in clear detail.

Yes this speech is important, but why aren’t we hearing about HOW THIS WAS DONE?!?!?!

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