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Spider Shot

I had a long day, The Biscuit is asleep, and I’m sitting out here relaxing… Decided I’ll have a small whiskey and watch a bit of “Stupid Somethingorother” before I crash, and picked up this glass…which I had just used a bit ago to catch a spider in.

Then I was wondering if Spiders are nasty, like do they leave any kind of Blech on things with their creepy little legs, then I thought no, they’re not like cockroaches or so, and plus, the whiskey will kill anything anyway, right?

Yeh, fuck that, I washed the SHIT outta that glass.


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PHOTOS - posted on June 28, 2015 by

Weird Sky at Night

just driving home…. 


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POLITICS - posted on May 30, 2015 by

You don’t hear many people talking about THIS in politics.




So we’re finally hearing a candidate talking about the clear and obvious truths that this country is suffering from, mainly having to do with the #TyrantClass’s takeover of the government, mostly through cop orate proxy.

The grotesque privatization of the school system by the tried and true method of identifying a lucrative potential market currently being serviced by the government, begin a campaign of decrying the fault’s of that system while simultaneously surreptitiously defunding and regulating the the service into insolvency and incapacity, then sell it off to corporate buyers who immediately begin to cut services even more in the name of profits, yet continue to charge larger and larger amounts of money, while providing less and less services.

Mix this with lobbying pressure for more input into the system in question, (the constant and aggressive lobbying by private prison corporations for more and more prison solutions to societal ills such as drug addiction and immigration), and you have a horrific situation where the corporations that stand to benefit from draconian and non-effective “solutions’, are the very people that are writing the laws and having “in-the-pocket” legislators passing them!

So now we have for the first time in a long time, a PRESIDENTIAL candidate who is willing to talk about these things openly, and starts from a place of accepting that these conditions in our society are a FACT.

That’s remarkable. And sadly so unusual…..

This doesn’t even MENTION the war industry’s weaseling our country into a state of perpetual war for something like that last 40 years at least.

Here he is talking about this very thing….

This guy deserves our attention, and in my opinion, our votes and support.

We as a people deserve this kind of truth from our leaders, tho if we DON’T VOTE for him, then maybe we don’t……

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POLITICS, Protect Yourself - posted on May 22, 2015 by

Corruption and Complacency

The blatant lying and hiding from the truth, all the while playing some semantics-based word game that distorts the very meanings of the words being used to excuse the machinations is beyond disgusting (Hatch is absolutely grotesque in his abuse of common sense here), yet we have a media pushing this blather down the throats of the American public like squeegee-weilding cleaners pushing shit and swill out of a pigsty and into the apparent gutter of the overall American “Mind”.
Forcing something so overreaching and powerful down the throats of not only the American people, but essentially any and ALL people in the associated nations, if not the entire Western trade system, is an illegality on it’s face, and should not being tolerated by ANY public ANYWHERE.
The obvious implications of not allowing anyone to even SEE it, much less have a public debate on it, should have ALL peoples affected out in the streets calling for politician’s heads. Which is the reasonable response to such abuse of a country’s people for the self-gain of a very few.
The profound corruption of our leaders and our processes is obvious and predictable, our lack of caring and our acceptance of our own inevitable fate if this succeeds is NOT so understandable.

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The Pope speaks obviously.

From –


There’s no other explanation for the modern settling of differences with the prehistoric foolishness of flinging high speed pieces of metal at each other’s soldiers till one side has either seen enough of their children die, or has been literally physically overrun and subjugated.
It’s a barbarity and criminality that boggles the mind when you realize how much of it is done simply and only to fill the pockets of the “Death Industry”.
This kind of arrogance and immorality is normally reserved for religion and its minions, but here we have the representative of one of the top offenders calling it out….
That has to be a good sign.

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