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The Pope speaks obviously.

From – http://m.dailykos.com/story/2015/05/11/1384007/-Pope-Francis-Many-powerful-people-don-t-want-peace-because-they-live-off-war?detail=facebook


There’s no other explanation for the modern settling of differences with the prehistoric foolishness of flinging high speed pieces of metal at each other’s soldiers till one side has either seen enough of their children die, or has been literally physically overrun and subjugated.
It’s a barbarity and criminality that boggles the mind when you realize how much of it is done simply and only to fill the pockets of the “Death Industry”.
This kind of arrogance and immorality is normally reserved for religion and its minions, but here we have the representative of one of the top offenders calling it out….
That has to be a good sign.

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It’s STEVE!!

The Biscuit LOVES Minecraft.


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The Biscuit Conquers!


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Angry FaceBook friends….




I’m all about Education and Unification.

I’m NOT about insults and name-calling, fueling differences while ignoring agreements, and attacking instead of supporting.

Many if not most of my friends have the same basic beliefs about what’s going on in the world, and yet because of labels or previous experience with others, or just a basic intolerance for ANY view that doesn’t match their own EXACTLY, they will immediately go into an attack stance and use ad hominem attacks, insult the sources of other points of view without actually trying to see their point’s merits, invalidate other points of view by falsely identifying them as one thing or another that they likely aren’t, or any number of things that ultimately divide people who are in basic agreement on the principle points!

It’s fucking nuts.

It’s as tho they feel it’s better to insult, fragment, and splinter apart here on the Interwebs, than to ever agree on any larger points, join together, and then take that out into the world and have an effect in a larger context.

There’s only one group of people that benefits from all this, and that isn’t you and me. And there’s a WHOLE LOT of effort going into making sure that the daily feed of “info” we get in this country adds to that confusion and strife, making sure that we spend our time at each other’s throats.

Soooo…..on Facebook and other forms of media that I post into or share opinions or notes, or even just link to info I hope you’ll have a look at and find something entertaining or educational or useful in some other way, if a friend starts insulting or attacking another friend’s point of view without justification or in a non-constructive way that only fosters division, I’m gonna delete that. If it keeps up I will block them entirely.


I don’t have time to fight all the people out there that just want to fight without getting anything done, and I’m not interested in what you have to say once you start insulting me or my friends and or thoughts.

If someone wants to debate a point, or bring in another viewpoint, or show why someone else’s point is wrong, that can all be done politely, or at least without insults.

Just disagreeing with someone is NOT a reason to insult and attack them, they’re NOT wrong because they don’t agree with you hook line and sinker. They may BE wrong, but not for that reason alone. And if you think you’re always right, then for sure, you’re wrong. A lot most likely, because you never hear any points of view that don’t agree with you. And some of those points will be correct.

So in MY world at least, keep it civil, or fuck off, I don’t need to hear from you. And maybe try to find the places/ideas you agree with people more often, you might learn something you didn’t know, or find a new friend, or start a revolution, who knows….?

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Then this happened…

This actually happened, SOOO cool, I’m the Fan Boi. 


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