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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. As a musician it’s tricky to understand what we do in the context of money and meaning. Lately I’m finding it much more useful to think of it in terms of how well I do it, and how much it brings to others.

In that context, playing for not much money in some bar just kinda anywhere starts to take on a lot more meaning and value. People are enjoying their time together watching others do something they can’t really do, in a setting that allows and/or validates their feelings….being brought together to feel something that can’t be had alone at home with your tv and your bottle, it’s GOOD for people to do that, and not be alone.

People come up all the time to share how they feel about what they’ve just seen/experienced, and I think we as musicians forget what a gift that is….that they have felt something so powerfully that they need to come up and tell us about it, even to a total stranger who just stepped off the stage, even at the risk of being rebuffed or ignored…. and it’s hard to just walk up to someone and bare your soul, even a little, but they trust us to hear them, because they know we MUST understand, because we just did it!

Yes, maybe we hear it all the time, but for them, it’s special, and it’s NOW, and it really matters to them.

It has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with MOST valuations that are recognized as valid measures of what we do, but maybe it’s the most important thing of all, and we should pay a lot more attention to it, I think we would be happier and maybe even better people for it.


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How can we allow this?


I’d really like to understand.

Tell me how these little girls deserve to be bombed right out of their country, onto incredibly dangerous boat journeys, walking hundreds and hundreds of miles, starving, cold, sick, ignored or hated, attacked and raped and KILLED as they try to get to somewhere where they can just…live?

Tell me how it makes sense that we allow our giant Western Corporations and their Vampiric #TyrantClass Overlords start WAR in other countries for their own profit, and then we turn our backs as the regions go up in the flames that we’ve ignited, and the populations run for their lives, and we ignore them?

These are little kids, running for their lives, trusting their parents, dying with their parents, playing games with each other around fires, or dying alone of pneumonia in a bush their mother laid them in as she died, falling out of a boat in the middle of the sea in the dark night and hearing their mother’s frantic voice as she screams for you but she can’t see you to help you as you go beneath the waves…what could make this make sense to you? That this is correct, that this is ok?

This is all real. It’s all happening, and WE are to blame.

We allow it, even support it. We allow our “leaders” to con us into it, to believe in it, to scream at and fight each other for it, and then we sit back and popcorn/movie/Walmart/buy/complain/selfish as the hell we’ve unleashed on children just……happens. Over and over.

Well….I don’t know about you, but I’m going to do SOMETHING.

I don’t know what yet, but I’m going to learn more about this thing, and I’m going to find a way to help as many people as I can, and I’m going to put links and comments and info up here as I get it.

Maybe we can’t stop these #TyrantClass scum from doing this kind of thing in our names, maybe that’s too tall an order in this deeply divided and controlled and manipulated society, but maybe you or I can save one little girl, or feed one family, or give someone in a park a blanket, or WHATEVER we can do, SOMETHING!!

I have a little girl. I cannot imagine what the pressure would be that would make me go into this hellish journey these people are making with her in tow, going hungry and asking me questions and trying to stay alive; feet blistering, clothes and bodies unwashed, infections and disease and beating and being spit on and watching other die and be killed and feeling the hate of people and nations as you just try to save your child.

This feels like what the people on the upper floors of the WTC must have faced, dying in flames or jumping, and actually CHOOSING jumping, because that just seemed like the better choice. THAT was preferable.

I can’t stand this. I have to do something.

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An interesting Bernie thing…

So Bernie Sanders is raising absolute hell, and the large scale media is basically ignoring him, or as in this case, questioning whether he can do it or not, but goddam!! He’s drawing GIANT crowds THIS early in, and let’s get clear, it’s not just that he drawing crowds, it’s that THE PEOPLE are so relieved that someone is actually addressing what THEY want to hear, that THEY are going.

I think the distinction is important because THEY really want to be heard, and they KNOW no one else hears them, and definitely no one else will speak for them, so it HAS to be Bernie, and they are going to force this thing forward. 

Bernie is right about the grassroots thing, and people know this is a crucial time, one where if this takeover isn’t beaten back now, the next few years are going to become very difficult for us as the 99%.

An interesting last note in this report – tomorrow Marc Rubio will be in town….to talk to a private gathering of petroleum manufacturers, (old white dudes with money who “matter”), and Jeb will be in Simi Valley talking to more of the same, tho I think that one is open to at least reporters.

I’m starting to worry for Bernie….his opposition isn’t truly Hillary or any of the other cabdidates, it’s in fact the #TyrantClass in total, and THEY know it. And as far as they’re concerned, this is literally trillions each year of what they consider to be their money being threatened. This is a group of people that care not what damage they do in the pursuit of money/power, be it killing innocent children in far away lands, or getting YOUR kids KILLED in far away lands killing the kids there, or poisoning entire populations both at home and abroad with Frankenfoods, shitting in literally every single thing we eat, place we visit, air we breath, water we drink, and planet we live on in the pursuit of an economic fiction that was made up to control people….what would YOU do if you were them and Bernie turned into a serious threat, or even won, and all your power/money was suddenly at risk?

I know what *I* think they would do, and I think they’ve done it before when Presidents have gotten out of line, (and don’t kid yourself, Obama was and still is entirely their man, watch what happens with the health industry consolidations).

So yeh, I worry for him. I think he knows exactly what he is dealing with, and I think it’s a terribly brave thing he’s doing, and I’m DAMN SURE going to honor that effort and sacrifice by voting for him…well…that and that I think he’s right about almost everything he speaks to.

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Rapist Cop gets Wrist Slap

This is kinda unbelievable that he got away with this wrist slap. I’ve sent a note to the reporter asking for some info, I’ll fill that in later, but yeh…courtroom full of supporters….?

Who stands up for this kind of thing, and why? Just because he’s a cop?!?!?!

We’re getting so twisted as a country it boggles the mind.


WAY fucking worse!!!!
Here’s an example of why…

I literally 3 days ago told my own daughter that although I personally don’t trust police and would NOT go near them in public settings, if she, as a CHILD, needs help when I or another relative isn’t around, go to a cop; because at least when you’re a kid they will still serve and protect.

Yeh, I’m not really feeling that advice right now. 


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Trump’s Fans

So yeh, in a current poll, (AFTER all his nutty statements about Mexicans etc), Trump has actually passed the GOP field and now has a lead in the polls.


So….he comes out and says the incredibly racist and fantastical things that he has, (so far, I’m sure there’s more in store), hasn’t filed his financials yet, (and please, wtf is up with the HAIR?!?!)…and his support rises up to, and then PASSES his fellow GOP presidential contenders?!?!?

All the while, he loses financial business dealings right and left, all the way from a coupla major tv shows to a relatively minor chef pulling out of a deal with one of his properties, all of which is likely causing him some financial pain.

Almost no one really thinks he fully intends to run, and even less likely he would win the nomination, and absolutely zero he would make the White House, yet his FANS are lining up behind him like sheep to the slaughter.

And THAT’S what I find interesting.
Who ARE these people anyway?

WE (reasonable/adult/thoughtful/humane people I mean) all know that he’s a complete clown, and he’s not going to succeed in doing much more than being a giant annoyance to the other alledgedly “serious” hopefuls, but there’s a whole GANG of hard core fans who seriously have found what he’s been saying to be EXACTLY what they’re looking to hear, and that’s really disturbing.

What this says about the base GOP voters that have swung to him in the face of his calling for big walls to stop Mexican “rapists, drug runners, and disease carriers” from crossing into our country is a little shocking, and kinda frightening.

As we learn more about what the NSA and it’s partners in private business and in the halls of Congress are doing to protect themselves and the #TyrantClass from the public (that’d be you and me for instance), as they shovel the public’s hard earned cash directly into the pockets of the very extremely rich; learning that there really IS a voter base out there that will fall lockstep behind someone with this kind of rhetoric is truly scary, because of the implications of this kind of thinking gaining traction in the larger GOP platform.

All I can say is thank goodness for Sanders doing the exact opposite to the Democratic side, cause this is a kind of crazy that ends up with some pretty dire consequences for our once free country, and could make a bad situation a whole lot worse in a very short time.

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