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MixingBoy today, and “Why can’t Apple just DO this?!?!?”

Jailbroken iPhone 3g doing what it can't?

So today I’m mixing a song called “Train” Kelly Moneymaker and I wrote recently. I’m having to remix it because of all the awesome guitars Stuart Mathis just put on there for me while I was out to NashVegas for the Different Size Gods mixing sessions…..which went very nicely, (as you can see here) and I think you’ll like that as well… lemme know what you think of the song, and yes I know the sound is weird….and THAT’S because…..

I recorded this video on a Jailbroken iPhone 3G, which isn’t supposed to even be able to do this, so what is up with Apple anyways? This can be done, so Apple should just add this functionality as part of the basic software in the gear, what is the deal with that? This kinda thing is why people are Jailbreaking these things in the first place, they just want to use them the way THEY want to use them….me included. Having done it to mine, I can say without reservation that it ROCKS, and that everyone who has an iPhone and is even a LITTLE techy should do it, though I’m not sure you should unless you’re pretty good with computers in general, since a lot of the benefits come with some tinkering….

Anyways, since I’m not posting as much here, (fricking Facebook, just easy I have to say, like McDonald’s, though I won’t eat there, but I’ll get the ice cream sometimes….even though I know it’s probably NOT ice cream, dunno WHAT it is) I thought I’d drop this out there just to touch base, talk to ya soon!


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