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Trump’s Fans

So yeh, in a current poll, (AFTER all his nutty statements about Mexicans etc), Trump has actually passed the GOP field and now has a lead in the polls.


So….he comes out and says the incredibly racist and fantastical things that he has, (so far, I’m sure there’s more in store), hasn’t filed his financials yet, (and please, wtf is up with the HAIR?!?!)…and his support rises up to, and then PASSES his fellow GOP presidential contenders?!?!?

All the while, he loses financial business dealings right and left, all the way from a coupla major tv shows to a relatively minor chef pulling out of a deal with one of his properties, all of which is likely causing him some financial pain.

Almost no one really thinks he fully intends to run, and even less likely he would win the nomination, and absolutely zero he would make the White House, yet his FANS are lining up behind him like sheep to the slaughter.

And THAT’S what I find interesting.
Who ARE these people anyway?

WE (reasonable/adult/thoughtful/humane people I mean) all know that he’s a complete clown, and he’s not going to succeed in doing much more than being a giant annoyance to the other alledgedly “serious” hopefuls, but there’s a whole GANG of hard core fans who seriously have found what he’s been saying to be EXACTLY what they’re looking to hear, and that’s really disturbing.

What this says about the base GOP voters that have swung to him in the face of his calling for big walls to stop Mexican “rapists, drug runners, and disease carriers” from crossing into our country is a little shocking, and kinda frightening.

As we learn more about what the NSA and it’s partners in private business and in the halls of Congress are doing to protect themselves and the #TyrantClass from the public (that’d be you and me for instance), as they shovel the public’s hard earned cash directly into the pockets of the very extremely rich; learning that there really IS a voter base out there that will fall lockstep behind someone with this kind of rhetoric is truly scary, because of the implications of this kind of thinking gaining traction in the larger GOP platform.

All I can say is thank goodness for Sanders doing the exact opposite to the Democratic side, cause this is a kind of crazy that ends up with some pretty dire consequences for our once free country, and could make a bad situation a whole lot worse in a very short time.

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