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The Internet’s Own Boy

The Internet's Own Boy

If you think it ‘s likely that government exists to enforce, codify, enable, enhance, further advance and codify the very rich’s power over our society and to criminalize, prosecute, attack with every means available, and bury completely anyone and/or any system that challenges their right to take whatever they deem is their’s from society at large and individuals who challenge them in specific, then this is something you MUST watch.

It exemplifies that absurd artifice that we live with each and every day as we struggle to “play by the rules” to move ourselves forward in life, while those with power and money steal EVERYTHING from us and talk about the “American Dream” mercilessly crush every effort to return to legality and an open level field for all.

It’s sickening how pervasive this is, and in this microcosm that tells the story in one person’s case we can see the blatant and horrific wrongness in our system, and how controlled and corrupt it truly is.

You’ll never hear about this movie, but you will be riveted by it, and  you NEED to see it.

They WILL take it all, if you let them.

Your surrender will be your legacy.

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