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This would be funny if it wasn’t plain crap.

Speaks for itself.

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Enhanced Wind farm stuff, very cool

This is kinda math-ish, and I don’t math, but even without the math the implications are pretty obvious and very cool, I recommend watching this if you have any interest in safe energy generation…

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NO WAY – ANOTHER Cop thing?!?!?! Say it ain’t SOOOOO!!!!


But yeh, sadly it is……

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Amazing burn treatment

This is a coupla years old, but its stunning and I just can’t figure out why this isn’t being done fullscale everywhere…

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I’ve been wondering about this for years….how to handle stress, and why is it that none of the stress “handling” techniques seemed to ever work for me….and I was coming to the conclusion that my innate reaction to a challenge, which is to rise up to it with a kinda “fuck you, you’re not going to own ME” type reaction, was instead of a poor response to stress, maybe the best thing I could do…

Even after roughly 40 years of playing in front of audiences varying in size from 1 person to around 85,000 in person, and many millions on live tv a coupla times, I STILL can and do sometimes get nervous, and lately I’ve become aware that I kind of like that….and I look forward to that moment before you go out and the lights go on, and my body ramps up for all that’s about to be required of me, and I get to prove I CAN own it and bring some game….

So I agree wholeheartedly with this woman’s summation of some of the recent studies about stress, and in fact I’m going to use these thoughts to further my own reaction to stress in every way I can….I think this information is extremely useful and important to us all…..

BTW, if there’s anything hotter than a smart woman, I’m not sure I know what it is….yes she’d be hot anyway, but with a good mind, oh man! (Except for those pants….gotta do something about the pants….) I’ve gone out with some very smart women who hid it with weird giddy behavior and other ways of kinda masking their innate and strong intelligence – DON’T DO IT!! Smart is hot, at least to smart guys….

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