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Yep, MORE scum cops…

So yeh, if you’re a “good” cop or other judicial system person, like this “judge” for instance, and you do nothing, then you’re NOT a “good one”.

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TRACKING – If you have a smartphone, look at this and gimme some info?

VERIZON AND ATT ARE TRACKING SOME PHONES by inserting a piece of code into EVERY web request your phone makes. And the places you GO can track it, TOO.

Really, they are.


First, a terminology correction….this thing isn’t an “advertising header” (ATT), it’s a “Unique Identifier Header” (Verizon), in the sense that it’s tracking everything you do on the web, and providing that info to ANYONE able to capture the header (everyone), and allowing those sites to gather that data in one place and get a VERY clear view of you and what you do with your phone on the web.

After reading a great article about this that really kinda shocked me, I went to this site to see if I was one of the Lucky People That Get that Crappy ID TAG.

(Quick plug for an app that I use to aggregate news stories I’m interested in called “Zite“, this thing is the bomb for finding news I care about and I recommend it highly, tho it appears to cause SOME memory leaks on my phone according to an Apple Genius who plugged some little doo-dad into my phone at the store that told him all kinda cool stuff about my phone, and presumably me, since he didn’t want me to look over his shoulder and would NOT send me the report about MY phone, which I found really interesting, but that’s a whole other deal.)

I am being tracked, shocker.


When I sent that link around to a bunch of people, I got back word that some of them were NOT being tracked –

what he said - not getting it.

what he said

THAT got me wondering why.

Why NOT track some people and track others?

Hmmm….well, one thing might be our political views and how vociferous about them we are. I’m extremely motivated and aggressive about my political views (drrrr), the other fellow not so much….so would that play into it?

And honestly, I don’t know. But one could easily imagine that in this time of technology and NSA spying and corporate governmental takeover and erosion of free speech via erasing of privacy, that such a thing would be a trivial decision to make by those whose interests lie NOT with the public interest, but with their very very extremely rich overlords, in order to find yet one more way to track/commodify/ensnare/intimidate/control/restrain us/me/you/everyone/anyone.

One thing I know, this is NOT OK with me, and I want it to stop ASAP. So I’m gonna get in touch with ATT and let them know I’ll be moving to another provider if that thing isn’t turned off and I mean NOW.

I’ll let you know how that goes….

(Another BTW, just TRY reaching out to ATT if you’re on their GoPhone plan, and not a month to month contract plan. You’ll immediately understand that they REALLY don’t like you not allowing them to rape you for every nickel and dime they can, if you DON’T know what I mean, click that link to find out how hard you’re getting screwed, it’s a doozy that most people still don’t seem to know. Here’s another.)

So I think it’s going to be very tough to even get someone on the phone about this issue, much more so to get it changed.

Another related note….ATT wants you to think that this thing is about identifying and quantifying you and your preferences for their advertisers, (which, if truly their ONLY motivation, is still WAY NOT OK with me. I’m not the least bit interested in subsidizing them making money off of me by PAYING to be followed around everywhere I go just so someone can SELL me shit I don’t want/need!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!)

“Take advertising, for example. The whole basis of that industry is to mislead and manipulate, to create desire where none existed before. The concept of a rational consumer may have made sense a hundred years ago, but it was posited before the advent of two essential advertising tools — mass media communications and public relations psychology.”

My last point being, if they plan on using my habits/needs/wants/interests/friends/family/sexual stuff/etc etc, then they can PAY ME FOR THAT, and TELL ME THEY’RE DOING IT!! Maybe we’ll make a deal, much like Google does; you give me a free phone that you can make money off of me with by selling my very specific info, or YOU DON’T SELL OR TRACK ANYTHING ABOUT ME, and I’ll pay for the phone.

THAT seems fair, and would allow everyone their own choice in the matter.

But I digress, usually, and often…

Something else to mention here, and that is that ATT  is ALLOWING you to “opt-out” of this tracking.


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.28.12 PM

As you can see, that’s a complete farce.

But this another kind of tracking, that’s what I’m talking about.
ATT has something they call ATT AdWorks Relevant Advertising, which is what they say this bit they stick into your http requests is for, and you can *allegedly* opt out of that, so let’s look at that…

ATT’s NON OptOut

As you see, it appears that this is a way to OptOut of their tracking you on sites….BUT…bullet points #2 and #3 make it clear that’s not the case, and that it will NOT get rid of the code they insert into your http requests, #2 because all it’s saying is that you’ll still be getting ads from them, they just won’t be designed to fit you based on the profile they will develop of you, (and NOT delete, I’d bet a finger on it), and #3 because they’re making it clear that whatever deal you make with ATT will NOT be honored by anyone else, so the implication is that the info will still be there in the header,  and that the info will still be gathered by others, and further that ATT might not be using THEIR profile to send you tailored ads, but I’ll bet they’ll happily use OTHER company’s profile of you….to send you tailored ads….

Go to this site and find out if you have the tracker, then please let me know if you do or don’t will you? I have a feeling there’s more to this bit of code than just advertising, whatcha think?


UPDATE 5:15 pm 10/29 – It appears that opting out has worked for me at least, there is now nothing in my UID field at the testing site. YIPPEE!!




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Cops….killing…like children would.

No understanding, no pretense of safety, no humanity…..just gunning someone down in the street.

Watch as they pull the dog back, and begin to form  line, so there is no crossfire.

They knew without a word between them what they were going to do.

No trigger should have been pulled here, there was no attack from him, just a crazy guy yelling in the street with a knife.

Cause for arrest and detention and evaluation and likely forced treatment and possible segregation from the public…? Clearly! All good….but to just decide to shoot him like that?

They got away with this.

Don’t you think there’s was about 50 different ways to do this with this many guys there? Shit, just taser/tear gas/mace/pepper spray/rubber bullet/shotgun bean bag/throw a big fucking net over him/just wait his poor fucked up mentally broken ass out….?

No, they gotta be all-growed-up schoolyard bullies and shoot his ass, a lot, like a rabid dog.

Here’s some background on it.

Is this the country we want? This shit is happening every day, more and more, and it’s more and more callous and deadly.

If you’re white, you very likely don’t fully get this…..so ask your black friend(s), cause they very likely DO get it, cause most likely, they don’t live in the same country you do, and never have. Which is amazing, but if you’ve never asked them about it, maybe you never knew….but THEY know it.

That’s not America.

Yes there’s some good cops out there, but until they stop their fellows cops that AREN’T good cops, that are THIS type, then the good ones…aren’t.

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I keep saying it, but it’s gonna keep getting worse.


If we create a situation where cops are not properly screened and trained, where we allow this kind of violence to go unpunished, where we stand to the side when it’s applied to others and not to ourselves, where we allow a military (warfare) culture to infest our local police forces, we will create a situation that is by it’s very nature adversarial, and the cops will continue viewing segments of the population as the enemy and act accordingly, within the culture of *WARFARE*, NOT of policing local communities.

War is very different from police work, yet the militarization of our local police forces has blurred that line till there is almost no visible distinction detectable between them to the outside observer. Certainly the behavior of the police is reminiscent of an occupying force, not a local police department focused on applying the law to create peace and safety in a community.

These examples grow daily, and for a large group of people in many parts of our country are an obvious and de facto truth of their daily lives.

Here’s my question: if left unchecked, do you think this will continue to grow and spread, and if so, why do you think it won’t eventually make it’s way to you?

Because you’re white? Because you’re educated? Because you’re rich?

Only the last one might help you, but you better be REALLY rich, otherwise the history of these kind of progressions in societies is NOT on your side. And unless you’re REALLY rich, you’ve probably noticed your money is being siphoned away, and no matter what you do, it seems like you can’t get back to where you once were in life….

Tho if we let this continue , it seems kinda obvious where you will GO….

Read this for more info!

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The Internet’s Own Boy

If you think it ‘s likely that government exists to enforce, codify, enable, enhance, further advance and codify the very rich’s power over our society and to criminalize, prosecute, attack with every means available, and bury completely anyone and/or any system that challenges their right to take whatever they deem is their’s from society at large and individuals who challenge them in specific, then this is something you MUST watch.

It exemplifies that absurd artifice that we live with each and every day as we struggle to “play by the rules” to move ourselves forward in life, while those with power and money steal EVERYTHING from us and talk about the “American Dream” mercilessly crush every effort to return to legality and an open level field for all.

It’s sickening how pervasive this is, and in this microcosm that tells the story in one person’s case we can see the blatant and horrific wrongness in our system, and how controlled and corrupt it truly is.

You’ll never hear about this movie, but you will be riveted by it, and  you NEED to see it.

They WILL take it all, if you let them.

Your surrender will be your legacy.

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