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Whatcha doing Friday?

I’m doing this –

Then Sunday I’m doing this –

Great band, great fun!

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My NAMM 2014 stuff.

Kelly Moneymaker, (who is an old friend and a ridiculously bad ass singer), at the Sennheiser Stage/Booth at 2:15, and again at 4:30
  • Then at 7pm I’ll be playing bass and backup vocals with Kiki Ebsen, (who I toured with in Christopher Cross’s band and is also a pal), at the Marriot lobby stage, I believe this is open to the public as well. I’m told Will Champlin and Austin Jenckes will be on after us, so if you’re into that…you know…’s likely to be busy, come early ūüėČ
  • The rest of the day I’ll be doing what every other musician in the entire world will be doing, fighting my way through crowds of musicians just like me and saying hi to many many friends who I often don’t see all year EXCEPT at NAMM, which is really the best part of the show for me…..

    See you THERE!!

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    Show last weekend – fun!


    Celebrity Fight Night Stage at sound check


    Glenn Frey at the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night Benefit, subbing for my buddy Jonathan Clark, and I had a blast!!

    The band and crew and staff are killer at their jobs and really a nice bunch of people as well, they made the job of coming in and covering the gig easy and fun, its hard to suck when everyone around you is doing their thing so well….and Glenn is……well….he’s Glenn Frey for chrissakes, he’s very cool and you know, those songs, and seriously, when he starts singing them it’s like “shit, that’s Glenn Frey singing that, and here I am”.

    check out his stuff, he’s a monster singer/player/writer, check him out! (If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you can find his FB stuff that way as well.)

    J.R. Robinson (drummer on half the music you’ve heard in your life, whom I’d met a coupla times over the years, but turns out he’s super personable and funny and just a regular guy and funny), Reba McEntire (who I was kinda bugged by when she dogged the Dixie Chicks at a CMA awards thing a few years ago, but turns out she couldn’t be cooler and more normal, so hey, you know….we aren’t all gonna agree on everything, she’s great in person), Kris Kristofferson (who caught us right as we were going off the stage and couldn’t have been more complimentary and excited and just COOL AS SHIT cause he’s like, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON standing there telling you how much he liked it….and yeh I was kinda standing there going “Man, you just made my week saying those things to me, cause you’re…..” well, you know…and of course he wasn’t saying it just to me, he said the same to a coupla of the guys, but what a nice guy!), Victor from the Canadian Tenors (we hung out and talked both nights at the bar……I keep saying this but what a cool guy, and those guys are bad ass singers, dunno what’s gonna happen with them but I think it’s gonna be good), Muhammad’s wife Lonnie Ali (again, super nice and gracious, very classy and appreciative) and really many more people, but most of all Danny Grenier, Marty Fera, Rich Mangicaro, Will Hollis, Chris Mostert, Michael Thompson and the staff/crew for making me feel welcome and helping out with my questions, this is a killer bunch of players and a great hang! And of course Glenn for having me back, it’s a blast!


    I guess it could be called Yoga Dancing….?

    Ok enough gushing, it was a great weekend, followed by back to being Mr. Mom, which was the best of all!

    Getty Images linked to from a Glenn Frey fan page, they have badging on them and all that, but it’s kinda fun…

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